Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ The stockings were hung by the chimney with care ~

I saw a tutorial at The Stories of A to Z on how to make no sew pillows (see link below) and it gave me the inspiration to make these stockings hanging from our mantle
  The design on the front of the stockings graphics of vintage label's I found on the Graphic Fairy blogspot . This is one of my absolute favorite sites because Karen has tons great graphics out there for FREE!  How cool is that?!?! If you get a chance visit her site... I know you will find something you love!
 Ok so here are the Christmas stockings. Included are some pictures with step by step instructions on how to make. These are really easy so go for it and make some cute stockings to dress up your mantle or give them as a gift.   Enjoy!

P.S. Here is the link to the A2Z tutorial on making no sew pillows- I love this tutorial check it out!

                              Canvas Drop Cloth       

                               Liquid Stitch

                              Orange stick or Paint Brush
                              Ribbon for trim                        
                              Cord or Silk Ribbon
                              Needle / thread (to sew on loop )
                              T-Shirt Transfer Paper

Step 1:  Fold the Canvas in half and with a pencil trace the shape of your stocking. The heel of the stocking will be on the folded side of the canvas so when you unfold the stocking after cutting it will look like this The side with the pencil markings will be on the inside of the stocking so you won't be able to see them. 

         Step 2: Add the trim to the top of the stocking.  It was easier for me to do it this way because it's laid out flat and since we are using the Liquid stitch I found it was easier to manipulate the ribbon.

Make sure you have enough of the ribbon on what will be the right side out of the stocking.  I allowed just enough at the top to fold over and glue down to cover up the frayed edge of the canvas..

The liquid stitch dries quick but to keep everything in place I just pinned the ribbon down as I went along so what I had glued down didn't move on me as I worked my way across the top edge of the stocking.  Once you get the ribbon glued down you can just trim the excess off the ends

Step 3:  Fold the stocking in half again with the pencil markings facing the outside (this will be the inside of the stocking once it's finished)  

  Start gluing the edges of the stocking. Move around the stocking placing a thin line of liquid stitch around the edges and pressing the edges together as you go.  This is where the orange stick or paint brush comes into play. It is easier to use the ends of the stick or brush to push the edges of the canvas together to seal and make the seam.  Once you get the edges sealed then you will want to let it dry or set for an hour or so.  

Step 4: You can now turn the stocking right side out (don't forget to remove any pins that you used to hold down the ribbon!!)

Now is the really fun part.. deciding what you want on the front of your stocking.  I decided to use the French Cologne and Chocolate label's that I found on the Graphics Fairy website. There are all kind of things out there so the possibilities are endless. 

Step 5: Once you decide what you want on your stocking follow the directions on the transfer paper package for printing images (don't forget to set your printer so that it prints out as a mirror image ) 

Step 6: Once the image is printed cut around the image and lay it face down onto the front of your stocking

 Step 7: Using the setting indicated on the package for the transfer paper, iron the   transfer onto the front of your stocking. 

       Note: The package stated to apply heat for 15 to 20 seconds but it actually took a little longer for me.  I noticed that when I tried to peel mine off the edge of the transfer was not sticking so I just laid the paper back down and went over it a couple more times.

                Step 8: Let the paper cool and then peel the back off 

Step 9:  Loop a piece of cord or silk ribbon and sew into the top corner

       Step 10:  Hang your stocking and enjoy!!  




  1. This is brilliant!! I am not a sewer and just love no sew projects! I think I will make some next year!
    Thanks for the kind words on my chalkboard. I will post a tutorial in January for sure. :)

  2. Totally adorable! Thanks for letting me know you were inspired and showing off your fab work!


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