Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year’s Resolution…

Organize and find a place for everything! This is my New Year’s resolution and one I desperately need to keep.  I used to be pretty organized but somehow when I started working from home and started working longer hours, all my organization went out the window and I am ashamed to say it goes way beyond organizing the sock drawers.

 Here is my problem ..I have seriously lost my dining room underneath all of my projects and craft supplies.  So it’s time to make a space where I can do my crafts, blogging and allow us to have a dining room again!  I have been looking for ideas and found pictures of office /craft rooms on house to home  Not all of the pictures below show a craft room but it wouldn't be hard to incorporate a craft area into any of the rooms as long as you have the space

I love red & white ~ I could spend lots of time in this room sewing or crafting

White it makes everything look fresh and gives this room an open airy feeling

This craft room could inspire anyone to create

This picture below just shows a desk but I added it because I love what they did with the walls and the chandalier is a nice alternative to they typical lighting used in an office

 These pictures were a nice reminder that every space in your home should be one you enjoy spending time in and there is no reason this rule could not apply to a home office or craft room.  Making sure you have the right desk, chair, shelving are important but adding the right lighting and accessories can turn a drab space into an environment that you look forward to working in


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